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smplr   A Little Philly Sampler
hoagrls   Amoroso Hoagie Rolls
gelpks   Box of (6) 24 ounce reusable freezer paks
cs4pk   Cheese Steaks Four Pack
2steaks   Cheese Steaks Two Pack
5-14cmbo   Combo Scrapple / Pork Roll Pack
sixsda   Day's Soda Six Pack
saussnks   Dietz & Watson Smoked Sausage Snacks
saussnksII   Dietz & Watson Smoked Sausage Snacks
dtznts   Dietz Nuts Meat Bites
dbldl   Double Delight
pntchws   Goldenberg`s Peanut Chews
8lbscrapple   Habbersett Scrapple Eight Pack
habfrpk   Habbersett Scrapple Four Pack
bnapeps   Hot Banana Peppers
bell   Liberty Bell Replica
mug   Love Philadelphia Coffee Mug
lnchonbs   Lunch is on the boss.
italsaus   Maglio`s Italian Sausage
8ozgel   Pack of (4) 8 ounce reusable freezer paks
btrcks   Philadelphia German Butter Cakes
PHILADELPHIA-SOFT-PRETZELS   Philadelphia Soft Pretzels
swtspk   Philly Sweets Pack
pvp   Philly Variety Pack
rstprk   Roast Pork Sandwiches Italiano (Six Pack)
rstprk2pk   Roast Pork Sandwiches Italiano (Two Pack)
drdbf   Sliced Dried Beef
prtztkcmbo   Soft Pretzel - Tasty Kake Combo
swtpeps   Sweet Pepper Strips
swtzls   Sweetzels Spiced Wafers
tkake   TastyKakes
6lbtaylor   Taylor Pork Roll (half size)
12lbtaylor   Taylor Pork Roll (large size)
preslcpr   Taylor Pork Roll (pre-sliced)
20DOIT   Twenty (20) "Do It Yourself" Philly Cheese Steaks
hoag   Two Hoagies Package

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