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smplr   A Little Philly Sampler
hoagrls   Amoroso Hoagie Rolls
gelpks   Box of (6) 24 ounce reusable freezer paks
cs4pk   Cheese Steaks Four Pack
2steaks   Cheese Steaks Two Pack
5-14cmbo   Combo Scrapple / Pork Roll Pack
sixsda   Day's Soda Six Pack
saussnks   Dietz & Watson Smoked Sausage Snacks
pntchws   Goldenberg`s Peanut Chews
8lbscrapple   Habbersett Scrapple Eight Pack
habfrpk   Habbersett Scrapple Four Pack
bnapeps   Hot Banana Peppers
bell   Liberty Bell Replica
mug   Love Philadelphia Coffee Mug
8ozgel   Pack of (4) 8 ounce reusable freezer paks
btrcks   Philadelphia German Butter Cakes
PHILADELPHIA-SOFT-PRETZELS   Philadelphia Soft Pretzels
swtspk   Philly Sweets Pack
drdbf   Sliced Dried Beef
prtztkcmbo   Soft Pretzel - Tasty Kake Combo
swtpeps   Sweet Pepper Strips
swtzls   Sweetzels Spiced Wafers
tkake   TastyKakes
3lbtaylor   Taylor Pork Roll (3lb size)
12lbtaylor   Taylor Pork Roll (large size)
preslcpr   Taylor Pork Roll (pre-sliced)
diychstks   Twenty (20) "Do It Yourself" Chicken Cheese Steaks
20DOIT   Twenty (20) "Do It Yourself" Philly Cheese Steaks
pins   US Flag Lapel Pins

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