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Our Price: 49.50

Package includes six packs each of Chocolate Cup Cakes, Butterscotch Krimpets, Jelly Krimpets and Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes. We may have to substitute or double up if a particular flavor is unavailable.
Please note that this package is shipped via UPS or USPS Priority Mail depending on the destination.

Amoroso Hoagie Rolls
Our Price: 85.90

Two dozen of these famous rolls from Amoroso's oven to your front door. Please note that this package is shipped via UPS or USPS Priority Mail depending on the destination.

Chocolate Coated Pretzel Rods
Herr's Chocolate Coated Pretzel Rods
Our Price: 34.90

We ship a whole box containing 48 Delicious Pretzel Rods with Milk Chocolate Coating. Each pretzel rod is approximately 7 inches long and individually wrapped for freshness. Pretzel rods are shipped via UPS ground. Please allow 5 to 10 days for receipt of your order. Price includes shipping.

Philly Sweets Pack
Our Price: 159.90

A big supply of everything you need to satisfy that Sweet Tooth.

Goldenberg`s Peanut Chews
Our Price: 40.95

The candy lover's dream that's only available in Philadelphia.

Sweetzels Spiced Wafers
Our Price: 29.95

Over 90 years ago, Sweetzels revived the colonial Spice and Molasses Cookie by developing a unique recipe for Spiced Wafers. Fresh baked Spiced Wafers, warm apple cider and a glowing fire have become a favorite Philadelphia Tradition to the welcoming of fall. You receive three (3) 16oz. boxes of these delicious treats via UPS or Priority Mail. Allow 4 to 10 days for receipt.

Philadelphia German Butter Cakes
Philadelphia German Butter Cakes
Our Price: 129.90

Our Philadelphia German Butter Cakes are a creation ready to satisfy the most discriminating sweet tooth. Nowhere else in this great country will you find this epicurean delight except in Philly. Click the image for complete details.

OTC Oyster Crackers
Our Price: 29.90

We ship you a full pound and a half (about 120 pieces) of famous OTC Oyster Crackers. Price includes shipping.