Philly Food
Delivering A Taste Of Philly to all 50 states.

We make daily trips in the early morning hours to the Philadelphia food distribution center and the 9th Street Italian Markets in South Philly for the finest quality freshest ingredients money can buy.

Our kitchen's just 10 minutes from Philly International Airport and that means your Philly Food treats are just a night flight away- our consumers deserve the best.

Every Philly Food Gift Package is made to order. Whether you're a native of Philadelphia or have just passed through once, you'll love these treats that can't be gotten anywhere else in the world.

We've also done our homework on mail order food safety. All items are made fresh, refrigerated and shipped in commercial grade insulated containers; no foods are ever flash frozen. Please note that all Steaks, except our "20 do it yourself Cheese Steaks" and CheeseSteaks On Demand packages are fully cooked in our kitchen ready for you to heat and eat. Also, every order is tracked using the computerized tracking system to certify that your Philly Food package arrives as promised; that's our commitment to our customers. Philly Food ships Monday through Thursday for receipt Tuesday through Friday via Express Air or Ground Delivery.
Saturday delivery is available at an additional $20.00 charge per package.

A word about International shipments. We're able to ship our Philly Food to most destinations in the developed world. Depending on the destination, different carriers are used since Philly Food has to arrive in a timely manner to prevent spoilage. Minimum transportation charges apply to international shipments so it's not practical to send one or even two individual small packages. To make international shipments feasible, at least sixty (60) pounds of food, the equivalent of three (3) Lunch Is On The Boss packages, should be ordered to justify the shipping charges. E-mail or call us at 610-623-3478 for details.

We are a family owned and operated business; cheese steaks and hoagies are made to order in our kitchen, we spare no expense in using the best ingredients available to create that "Real Philly Taste".

A gift card with your personal message accompanies every package you send.
Philly Food, the very best at what we do.