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Cheese Steaks Two Pack
Cheese Steaks Two Pack
Our Price: $117.75

Our 2 Cheese Steaks package also includes 2 Philadelphia Soft Pretzels and a handful of Goldenberg's Peanut Chews

Cheese Steaks Four Pack
Our Price: $159.90

Grilling up Philly's best steak with fried onions for our Cheese Steaks Four Pack.

Philly Variety Pack
Our Price: $259.50

All your favorites in one big box. Hoagies, Cheese Steaks, Soft Pretzels and more.

Twenty (20) "Do It Yourself" Philly Cheese Steaks
Our Price: $276.65

This is our most popular package with real "Cheese Steak Lovers".
Keep the makings in your freezer and cook one up whenever you get the urge.

Lunch is on the boss.
Our Price: $429.00

Plan a business lunch around our Philly Food Extravaganza that feeds a dozen or more people depending on their capacity. A dozen Philly cheese steaks plus lots more.